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The first sofa of the collection is all about style and comfort. The gentle curve of the Chalmont is accented by the strong sweep of its arms. Like the rest of the collection, special attention is paid to the height of the arm that holds you at just the right level of comfort. The contoured feet are the perfect base to support this elegant sofa. 


Available in 4 sizes

66" W

76" W

90" W

108" W

The Chalmont


    Here again, in choosing fabrics, be mindful of the curves. Solid fabrics and hides only look better when applied to the Chalmont. Available in 4 sizes, the wood details are offered in a variety of finishes.

    66" W 30" D 32" H

    76" W 40" D 32" H

    90" W 40" D 32" H

    108" W 40" D 32" H




    Ships worldwide

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